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The Automate Driving test prices:

  • 45 minute driving lesson and driving test – $150
  • 60 minutes driving lesson and driving test – $160
  • 90 minutes driving lesson and driving test – $180

Learner drivers are ready to take their practical driving test to get their P1 license if :

  1. You have your learner permit license for 12 months
  2. You accrued 120 hours of supervised driving
  3. You passed your hazard perception test

If you are 21 years old and older you are exempt from the 120 hours log book requirements and time frame of 12 months holding your learner permit license.

The driving test is all about preparation and confidence so if you prepare yourself well for your driving test you will have more confidence , you will be safe driver and less mistakes you will make on a day of your driving test. It is really important to have driving lessons with Automate Driving School as your driving instructor will be with you throughout your learning and as a professional he will give you very important practical driving test tips that will help you to get your license on your first attempt.

Do You Have an Overseas License?

No Problem

If you have full overseas driving licence, when you have passed your driving test in automatic car you will get full Victorian driving licence.

The Driving Test

The test is divided into 2 stages.

Stage 1

Relatively simple , low-risk driving tasks,mainly turning left or right on non-priority roads in less-challenge traffic, in this stage learner driver will be asked to perform three point turn or reverse parallel parking.

Stage 2

Learner driver will be assessed in busier day to day traffic environment on roads median to heavy traffic.

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